A note on TeaOrb's design

Posted by Bahniman Kakati 31/12/2018 0 Comment(s)

Our design principle borrows from ancient wisdom in which an orb is not only considered an object but a ball of energy. An orb represents an object that holds offerings for various Gods and Goddesses. It lacks the sharpness of bends of a rectangle or a peak in a triangular shape, which is why an orb looks like a wholesome object.

With the motto as ‘Tea is for everyone’, we want to bring an immersive experience of sampling a variety of teas from our selected partner-gardens in our portal. We have designed a rotating virtual cup that allows you to experience a unique transformation of the teas through three distinct stages: leaf, infusion, and liquor. As you ‘rotate’, using your mouse on the virtual cup, it shows these stages of your desired tea – from tea leaf before its infusion to the liquor derived from a specific tea. We have also detailed some of the health benefits of these teas while showcasing various teas.

For the benefit of the tea connoisseur, we have provided important information on the taste and the aroma, which is detailed in The Contact section. These estimates of taste and aroma are based on the values reported by some of the best tea tasters in the industry.

To experience the best of the tea, we have also come up with ‘Steeping Specifications’ for each variety of tea you will find in your portal. The specifications tell you about the quantity of tea, steeping time and temperature for the water for liquor, the frequency of consumption every day. Also, we have a section on ‘Features’ informing our patrons about the grade of leaf and caffeine quantity. ‘Add On’ section is for varieties that go well with ingredients used for various teas, which includes, sugar, milk, lemon, ginger etc.

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