Boost your immunity with Chai

Posted by Anupam Chakravartty 31/12/2018 0 Comment(s)

In a world marked extreme weather and climate change, it is our body’s immunity that generally takes a hit. The stress of work, the exposure of the body various pathogens floating freely in the air or a weakening of the body due to ageing somehow have all to do with a weak immune system.

While there are several cures available to boost immune system, very few and readily available remedies come close to tea. In our previous posts, we have discussed how naturally occurring chemicals in tea fight cold, blood sugar, heart diseases and protects our skins and bones. Apart from these uses, the humble shrub activates our immune system against deadliest of pathogens. As we stated earlier, these remedies have been known to traditional practitioners of medicines. It is now that modern science is unravelling some of its effects.

What makes tea so special? We come back to same set of naturally occurring chemicals called flavanoids, as we discussed earlier, that also benefits our immune response various pathogens. This works in many ways. Drinking four to five cups of tea can trigger an immune response in which cells responsible for immunity are told to recognize and remember alkylamines, chemicals that can inhibit harmful microbes. Presence of L-theanine in tea leaves helps the immune system fight off illnesses such as cold and influenza caused by pathogens. New research shows that L-theanine activates beneficial bacteria in our gut that boost immunity by arresting the advance of pathogens.

On the other hand, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), another set of flavanoids found in tea leaves, bolster and enhance lymphocyte cells’ activities. Lymphocytes are white blood cells found in bone marrow destroy any kind of pathogenic or invasive cells. TeaOrb’s spice chai are rich in all the flavanoids and goodness of warming spices that can help boost your immune system.

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