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Over centuries, people have been trying to find ways to detox their bodies from the harmful effects of alcohol. Some look for quick remedies for hangovers, while others want to completely stay out of it.

In the sphere of traditional medicines, green teas cures alcohol addiction and also act as quick remedy against a nasty hangover. Now even doctors recommend green tea as many scientists have discovered detoxifying properties of green tea. All you need to do is to follow our simple steeping and brewing instructions to get your own homemade remedy against hangover.

Before we go on to discuss how green tea works against hangover, a bit about our liver that clears out toxins. Our livers are amazing filters. They produce enzymes that not only break complex protein and fat molecules and help expand our energy reserves but also purify our blood stream from toxins. Commonly known as bile, doctors watch for aspartate transaminase (AST) and alanine transaminase (ALT) ratio between the concentrations of the enzymes. It is measured with a blood test and is sometimes useful in medical diagnosis to differentiate between causes of liver damage. When a liver is damaged, this ratio is disrupted often leading to spike in AST and ALT.

Alcohol damage to liver is most rampant. Micronutrients called catechins present in the green tea leaves perform various roles in shielding us from impacts of a hangover. In the short run, it releases anti-oxidants into the body, which provides relief from aches, improving fluid retaining capacity and heals the body from the stress. In the longer run, catechins counteract against toxins released from alcohol, ensuring that ALT-AST ratio do not shoot up in the blood stream. Regular consumption of green tea may control the ALT-AST ratio in liver, making the organ stronger.

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