Fight flu with Black Tea

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One of the first striking features for a cup of tea is its unmistakable dark reddish tint. We usually refer to it as black tea. In some parts of the world, it is also called red tea. Chemical compounds called flavanoids are abundant in black tea. It is this one particular type of flavanoid called Thearubigin known for its reddish hue, has properties that may cure common colds and flu.

Black tea has been used as a remedy against common cold for centuries. However, with the appearance of drug resistant virulent strains of influenza across the world, there has been a steady demand for black tea. Some studies have regarded black tea more effective than synthetic drugs but the truth is common cold and strains of influenza can only be controlled. Early on, traditional medicinal systems showed thearubigin’s antioxidant properties that eases the impact of the cold and fever.

With the progress of modern medicine, scientists discovered thearubigin in several fruits and herbs including black tea in 1955. Recognized by a slight astringent taste in various foods, scientists found the flavanoid’s anti-viral properties way back in the 1980s. Thearubigins comprise ten to twenty per cent of the dry weight of black tea. However, due to their high solubility in water, they account for thirty – sixty per cent of the solids in black tea infusion, according to a study conducted in Taiwan.

With a new interest in various kinds of organic teas and search for home remedies, researchers in Missouri, USA have now found the microbe in the gut of humans that can improve the immune response to the influenza virus with the help of the flavanoid. TeaOrb offers a range of black tea varieties rich in thearubigin that can help you in fighting some of the most debilitating colds.

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