Goodbye to stress with Green Tea

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Among the most beneficial chemical compounds found in green tea, L-theanine, an amino acid, has been known for centuries among Japanese traditional healers. Known as a relaxant and a mood enhancer, L-theanine was first discovered in gyokuro tea leaves in 1949 and 1950.

Over the years, various researches have shown that l-theanine produced from green tea works as a stress reliever and arrests anxiety. Stress and anxiety are seen as beginning of maladies that can lead to other terminal diseases such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease and heart disorders. Scientists have also found links to memory loss and loss of cognition due to stress. An unfortunate outcome of our modern working lifestyle, it impacts people from all strata of our society. The remedy lies in finding solutions that can help the brain to relax and calm the senses without any kind of side effects.

So how does L-theanine work? Does it have any side effects? The chemical composition of L-theanine resembles a neurotransmitter found in humans called glutamate. While glutamate generally induces excitement, L-theanine calms the nerves. L-theanine binds to same brain cell receptors and stops the brain from overworking thereby producing the calming effect.

The best part however is that the L-theanine extracts from Green tea does not produce any side effects. While some of anti-stress and anti-anxiety prescription drugs sedate the human body, L-theanine does not produce any such effects. Scientists are now going beyond it's soothing properties and studying it's cognition boosting abilities as well.

Traditional tea producers in Japan used to grow gyokuro in shade which only researchers in the 1950s found that growing in shade led to the production of l-theanine. Green tea manufactured in Assam’s undulating plains have been considered rich in L-theanine which you will find in our products page.

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