Green tea signals weight loss

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In our recent past as humans, no other malaise has affected people as the thought of gaining weight. Modern lifestyle has always been associated with an increase in body mass indices. People spend thousands of dollars to find remedies but often miss what is readily available.

It may surprise the reader that these remedies to stop the body from gaining weight have existed since time immemorial. It was only in the 20th century scientists started paying attention to what was readily available in our food basket. One such remedy was a compound called flavanoid. According to several studies conducted since 1990s, flavanoids are found in various fruits and vegetables but most important source comes from a cup of tea. Among the teas, green tea is considered as the richest source of flavanoids from where scientists derive complex molecules of Epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG as remedies for weight reduction.

Studies show that ECGC can stop enzymes in our digestive tracts from breaking down a crucial hormone called Norepinephrine. This hormone acts as a messenger for our nervous system regulating our learning and memory and autonomic functions. With the increase of the Norepinephrine that signals the breakup of fat cells, the body starts to work as a powerhouse. This also improves the endurance of the body, so exercising leads to more fat burn.

With the discovery of the benefits of EGCG, various pharmaceutical companies started packing green tea extracts into capsules. Each capsule is equivalent of six to eight cups of green tea. The downside of a spike in ECGC is that it impacts the liver. Scientists now recommend consumption of green tea liquor with meals over a longer period of time which not only helps the body to shed the excess weight but also protects the body.


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