Tea Is for Everyone

Posted by Bahniman Kakati 31/12/2018 0 Comment(s)

Tea -- the name itself brings a smile in our face. Who doesn't love to start a day with a warm cup of this heavenly tonic? Tea not only refreshes but rejuvenates our soul to start our day.

With time Tea slowly reached the veins of the world culture. Be it sipping herbal Poleo tisane (traditional digestive tea made from the leaves of the local Poleo plant) served with mint cookies in a burgeoning culture of Oaxaca city amidst the beautiful Mexican street restaurants or enjoying a unique blend of iced tea, made out of black tea, sugar, lemon juice and mint and a little bit of Alpine herbs along the magnificent landscapes and heavenly scenery of Switzerland. Tea is loved everywhere!

Apart from China, Japan and India, the world has adopted the culture as courteousness to serve guests with the Royal cup. From small tea stalls to luxuriant parties, from tea house parties to business conferences teas lightens up conversations and bring people together.

Tea has turned into such an addictive substance that we can't even think of a day without it. Thanks to the Boston Tea Party, for the first time in the colonial history, the value of tea procured from India was understood. Boston Tea Party was a symbolic protest against British colonial taxes that lead to the shutdown of the Boston Harbour in 1771 for 340 chests of East India Company. In today's financial era if measured, the value of the tea dumped into the Boston Harbor would be more than $1 million.

Currently Tea has not only increased its number of admirers, but also pulled its levers towards tea tourism. Tea Tourism is a new concept which is trending worldwide, especially in those areas where tea is grown. Tea tourism provides an enriching experience of living in a tea garden. As a tea tourist, one not only witnesses the plantation and manufacturing culture and live the regal life of the planters, but also gives an opportunity to interact with the people dependent on the tea business for their livelihoods/ . Tea tourists learn about how the leaves go through various processes starting from the farm to the retail.

For an A to Z tea experience for every tea lover even for distributor and retailer our products and services are for everyone.

Since the ancient ages this magic drink has always encouraged and helped us reduce stress and sickness; a cup of tea is affordable cutting across all stratas of our society. For these unique reasons, we at TeaOrb believe that no matter where we are from, what you believe, what color is our skin, for us "Tea Is for everyone".

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