We at TeaOrb go beyond just bringing you high quality tea. We believe that we must provide a knowledgeable service to all who are interested in the industry. In order to reach this goal, TeaOrb provides consultancy services by highly experienced people from the fields of production and marketing of tea, encompassing the following:

All scientific agricultural practices in tea cultivation.
All modern manufacturing processes in the factory.
Guidance to small tea growers.
Guidance to self help groups interested in setting up mini factories.
Guidance in the marketing of the produce.
Guidance on matters related to Food Safety Standards Act 2006 and Tea Board of India's directives on Plant Protection Code (PPC)

Knowledge shared is knowledge gained. Our endeavour is to make this tea growing community the best in the world, equipped with the right information and best practices. This is a journey into the wonders of the tea world, refreshing and replete with fragrance and character.

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