Farm to Cup

We treat tea as a symbol of our age old heritage and culture, not just a commodity or luxury goods. We understand the value of sharing culture with our patrons.

The tea industry is unique in many ways. As our registered small tea farmer supplies the finished product they reap the full rewards of their work.

The small tea manufacturers don't produce teas in huge quantities; they are only able to produce five to seven kilograms of tea per day.

The tea is manufactured and packed in paper sacks within 24 hours of production and shipped to our fulfillment centre through road transport which reach us overnight.

The small tea manufacturers send their product in small quantities as per need, which helps in retaining the freshness.

Later the tea is stored in aluminum storage bins in controlled environment after tasting and valuation by our panel.

We keep enough inventory at our fulfillment centre, at the source, to fulfill retail orders.

Through our platform we not only connect our small tea farmers to the global market, but also provide an additional channel of sale to the organized sector.

We ensure worldwide door step delivery within ten business days. We sell all season teas throughout the year.