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Assam is popular for its quality of tea and the beauty of the tea plantation. The majestic mountains, greenery and charming environment make this region famous for its tea, And for her ecological hotspots.

Tea has been grown in Assam for over hundred and eighty years. At present, Assam is the world's biggest tea developing area, delivering more than 600 million kilograms of tea annualy.

Nestled between the Himalayas in the North and the undulating river valley's of North-Eastern India, Assam grows a varient of Camellia Sinesys called Assamica. High humidity, moderate precipitation, and warm temperatures in this reqion together ensures this glossy green variety of tea to flourish. The Assamica plant develops somewhere up to 30 to 60 feet if left unattended and deliver much bigger leaves (up to 8 inches).

The Assamica leaf is perfect for creating solid, malty, dark teas. Other Chinese teas requiring lengthier creation, for example, oolong and pu'erh, likewise they are produced using the bigger leaves of the Assamica plant.

The tea industry is split between unorganized and organized sectors.

The organized sector has more than eight hundred tea gardens in Assam. However, unorganized sector has grown over a period of time despite several challenges. Due to lack of visibility, hundred percent Assam tea is only found in selected outlets. There seems to be a gap between the producers and the buyers in the absence of forward and backward linkages.

TeaOrb is trying to create a niche market for every small tea grower. TeaOrb acts as a marketplace for unique varieties of tea produced from different corners of Assam as well as Arunachal Pradesh. In other words, using technology as an enabler, TeaOrb is an endevour to bridge the gap faced by small tea growers and producers and the connoisseurs of tea across the planet.

Since Government of India policies mandate fifty percent of the tea produced from Assam to go through the process of a robust quality check before an auction, TeaOrb is merely acting as an additional channel of sale.

Our products will also include spices like organic black pepper etc , grown by small tea farmers to supplement income.