The Essence of Sustainability

Since 1980s, Assam has been witnessing a series of movements related to the rights of the marginalized people. Among these people, the condition of the tea workers is considered worse.

A study conducted on the health problems and nutritional status of tea workers’ community in Assam, it concludes that a high magnitude of under nutrition and infectious diseases exist among the tea garden population of Assam and till now nobody is bothered.

After independence, seeing the pathetic condition of the plantation labour in the country, the Parliament of India passed the Plantation Labour Act, 1951. Under this Act, the socio- economic development was assigned to the tea management companies who employ the labour for their production.

How does TeaOrb help the tea workers?

Keeping in mind about the Act, TeaOrb takes pledge to work on similar lines. We create alternative ways to help sustainability of tea workers, by giving them facility to learn and earn together through recreational activities which will improve both their mental and physical health.

'I used to think, that greenhouse gas emissions from industrial activities was warming the planet. Upon research on the subject, I learnt that population explosion in developing countries was the root cause and the reason for poverty, which will contribute more than half of global CO2 emission by 2050'

'Now that I have reached a milestone in Yoga, I join my testimony to that of our PM, Narendra Modi': " Yoga is one way of fighting climate change, as it offered people a sense of harmony with self, society and nature."

'Another way is disrupting poverty by improving the living standards of workers as poor people have few pleasures besides sex to divert them. Squalor, moreover, imposes an inadequate diet, which draws the energy, and therefore the consciousness, downward in the body, toxically irritating the sex nerves.'

'Warming and cooling trends on earth depends to a great extent on mental vibrations. In many cases, the vibrations themselves are produced by people's thoughts. When those thoughts are violent-as they have been sometimes in the past-the climate itself becomes turbulent: The earth gets extra-cold winters, extra-hot summers-or, sometimes, hot winters and cold summers-for no apparent reason. And the earth may become violent, sprewing forth hot lava from its interior and creating great earthquakes, which in turn lead to huge tidal waves.' says Bahniman Kakati, Co Founder of TeaOrb.

‘Music and Yoga embodies unity of body, mind, and soul; thought and action; restraint and fulfilment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature. By changing our lifestyle and shift in worldwide consciousness towards peace, harmony, and cooperation, it can help us deal with climate change’ Kakati adds.

On the other hand, apart from concern for our planet, we are also striving to create a society free from human trafficking. In 1948, slavery and the slave trade were outlawed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Today over 30 million people are enslaved worldwide: more than at any time in history.

The primary reason for enslavement is poverty and even in the most organized sector such as the tea industry; better wage is a dream for the tea pickers as their teas do not fetch remunerative price in the auction, making tea pickers vulnerable to human traffickers who promise better wage.

Therefore using technology as an enabler, we created,, a Food & Beverage hybrid e-commerce marketplace for producers from NE India, to collectively deliver their finest and freshest produce directly to consumers worldwide and fetch a better price, as roles are minimized, affecting their payment capacity for better wage to tea workers and disrupt human trafficking.

During the British era the tea workers were served tea with salt popularly known as Chai Pani, as salt which was believed to help them to replace their essential salts in their body which they lose through sweating working in the scorching heat and humidity of the garden.

Later this trend became a health hazard as they were addicted to it. This addiction added to hyper tension, stroke, left ventricular hypertrophy, edema, and other kidney related disease. TeaOrb is trying to replace this hazardous traditional system including a change. We are going to replace it with proper health or energy drink so that they stay healthy and happy.