Types of Teas and their Health Benefits

If the aroma of tea brewing in morning wakes you up then you are a fan of the world's second most consumed drink. One needs to know the different variety of teas available in the market which suit different tastes. Gone are the days when tea was just some welcoming beverage for your guests or was deemed as the perfect accompaniment to cake or macaroons, tea worldwide has a new meaning besides curing sore throats and fever. This antioxidant rich drink packs a punch by preventing ageing, fighting obesity and studies have also linked it with curing cancer.

Read on to know more about the types of teas and their benefits:

Black Tea: One hot cuppa of black tea is filled with goodness. From preventing tooth decays to boosting your immune system, it has numerous benefits. Advised to have without any dairy supplement, one cup of black tea is rich in amino acid L-theanine, and contributes towards lowering your stress levels. This tea contains tannins that have the ability to fight viruses, hence preventing you from getting the everyday common flu. Black tea contains polyphenols; the antioxidants that help restrain DNA damage associated with tobacco or other toxic chemicals. Well now one could easily say that the colour black just got more classy!

Green Tea: Gaining popularity everyday, green tea has become the go to drink for people of all age groups. Green Tea boasts numerous benefits that include weight- loss, reduction of fibrocystic nodes, the antioxidants called catechins which may avert everything from cancer to cardiovascular disease. With all of these benefits, why wouldn't it be popular? Having a cup of green tea during the day can rejuvenate you and with a dash of honey it makes for a perfect drink. People going to gyms or practicing yoga can drink it after a sweating session to experience the effects themselves.

White Tea: Uncured and unoxidized, white tea is the purest of all teas Due to its minimal processing white tea retains the highest level of phytochemicals. Studies have found the consumption of white tea to be beneficial in curing Diabetes because consuming white tea results in better glucose tolerance and a reduction in LDL cholesterol. White tea has the lowest level of caffeine so you can indulge guilt free and reap maximum benefits.

Oolong Tea: All Weight Watchers gather around and swear by benefits of Oolong Tea. This tea is loaded with enzymes which are responsible for dissolving triglycerides (type of fat stored in our fat cells) and it also helps in reducing cholesterol levels and studies have also shown that it helps in treating skin problems like eczema. Consumption of oolong tea also does well for people living with acid reflux and digestive problems as it alkalizes the digestive tract. Make a tea rinse of this and your wish for healthy and hair would be granted.

Seems your tea time just got a lot nicer!